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Selling Ebooks Online: 5 Most Effective Ways To Promote As A Newbie E-Book Seller

Selling ebooks online can be an easy or a hard task depending on the approach you take. As a new author or e-book seller, lack of knowledge about the market and fixed budgets are major issues.

Even with prior market research, you are not sure whether your audience will still like your books. Remember, human tastes and preferences change with time. Regardless of this, you can make a good profit as a newbie in the e-book selling business.

However, it relies on the strategies you apply to reach your intended customers. Here are the five most effective ways to promote your e-books as a newbie seller:

a)    Sharing them on the social media

No doubt that social media is one of the largest online marketplaces in the 21st century. As you start selling e-books online, you may not have the cash to fund other marketing and promotional campaigns. For instance, you lack enough funds for paid ads. 

social platform

Nevertheless, with social media, you can easily take your e-books to the market. The perfect way of making through is by sharing your e-book on groups and pages related to the topics you covered in it. If you e-books are about financial management, find groups advising people on how to save.

Importantly, you just need to share a link to where your potential clients can get the e-book and a review of what it covers.  Also, you can pay for the sponsored ads on the social media which are cheaper than other paid ads. This way, you will easily promote and make sales through the social platform.

b)    Affiliate marketing

The next most effective way to use when selling e-books online are affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means giving a chance for other bloggers in your field to market your book through their sites for a commission. This approach is awesome as it helps you to make money while asleep.

For example, if you are an e-book seller in the US and an affiliate market is in South Africa. As you know, there is a time difference in the two continents. Thus, while you are asleep, somebody is pushing the sales for you.

 Isn’t that a great idea? That’s what affiliate marketing is all about.

c)    Giveaways

Do you love free items? Of course, everyone likes a gift.  As you start out selling e-books online, the best way is to offer giveaways. However, this does not mean giving the entire book for free. Rather, you can select a certain chapter that you believe will inspire an urge to read the entire e-book and offer it for free.

Remember, nothing is free at all. Hence, it should be a give and take scenario. For instance, you can offer the chapter in exchange for an email address. You can exchange it for referrals.  All in all, the giveaway process should be a win-win situation.

d)    Offering mini-courses along with the e-book

Of course, even in school, you buy books related to the course you are studying. If you want to make sales while selling e-books online, you need to introduce a mini-course covering the topics in your books. In the process of the course, you should recommend the e-books to your followers. The best way to run the course is through email subscriptions.

As you know, people will always like new ideas and particularly when offered for free. In the end, you should use the course to pitch your e-books and convince your students that it is the best.

Final thoughts

In a word, selling e-books online is not a hard thing with the right strategies. Maximizing any of the above tips can help you promote and make awesome sales as a newbie trying their hands in e-book selling field.

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